Ommen is a small town and the same municipality in Overijssel. Ommen is located at the Overijssel Battlefield, in the Salland region. The city has been granted city rights since 1248 and is already mentioned as a roadmap around the Vecht around the year 1100. Nowadays there are about 8500 people in the city of Ommen.

Ommen originated on a river dune at a ford in the river Vecht. This is well visible around the Kerkplein, which is higher than the streets south and east of the church. Ommen had a center function in the region until the beginning of the 20th century. There were various government agencies in the city, such as the tax office and the district court. The canton law was from 1838 the continuation of the Ommen peace tribunal set in 1811. When re-capturing the jurisdictions in Overijssel in 1933, it was dissolved together with Goor en Kampen's district courts.

In the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, Ommen was the world center of theosophy. On the estate of Eerde of Philip Baron of Pallandt, Krishnamurti had established the Order of the East in the East. The Sterkampen were held annually on the estate. In 1929 Krishnamurtu raised the order because he was against personal glory. The baron sold the site to the municipality of Ommen. The Sterkampen continued until 1939, and Krishnamurti was an annual guest speaker.


Holiday Farmhouse Ommen

Province of Overijssel, Ommen
  • Large garden
  • Sports and play meadow
  • Various types of play equipment

Group accommodation Ommen

Province of Overijssel, Ommen
  • Large garden
  • Play basement
  • Private sanitary facilities

Groepsaccommodatie Ommen

Province of Overijssel, Ommen
  • Bubbelbad
  • Direct aan het bos gelegen
  • Paardenstoeterij op het erf