Lettele is a village in the municipality of Deventer with about 600 inhabitants. The three-legged Nicolaas church was designed by architect G. ter Riele and built in 1894 on the Bathmenseweg (at that time a sandy road) in Lettele. The neogotic tower resembles that of Schalkhaar. Events are the annual easter fire and the village screen, held in the first weekend of August.

Nature attracts many hiking and cycling recitals. In the forests of the estate Het Oostermaat, directly east of the village, hiking trails are set. Special is the seven acres of woodland De Slenk, a protected nature reserve that is well observable from the adjacent road. On the northern edge of Het Oostermaat, during the Second World War, a German launcher launched a launcher for V1 'flying bombs'. Some of the remains are available.

Lettele is located on the European E11 route, which is called the Dutch part Marskramerpad. The route is from Diepenveen and continues after Lettele through rural area until Oldenzaal. These include the Holterberg and the Twickel estate.

In total, Lettele has three national monuments and seventeen municipal monuments. In Lettele there is a catholic church and an outdoor swimming pool. It is a relatively young village in terms of population building because it has regularly expanded through housing development in the past few decades.


Holiday Farmhouse Lettele

Province of Overijssel, Lettele
  • Luxury interior
  • Finnish soapstone stove
  • All bedrooms with private bathrooms

Group accommodation Lettele

Province of Overijssel, Lettele
  • Play meadow
  • View of the landscape
  • Covered terrace