Accommodations in Heino

Heino is a village in the municipality of Raalte with about 7000 inhabitants. The first reference to Heino, in an episcopal of the bishop of Utrecht, dates from the year 1236. The former neighborhood was called Ter Heyne. A real village has been around since the 17th century.

Near the village are some estates, including Landgoed 't Rozendael -' t Nijenhuis (south of Heino), which is privately owned and De Colckhof: a property with special natural values ​​managed by Natuurmonumenten. Castle Nijenhuis is also worth a visit. The castle is owned by the province of Overijssel and includes a foundation of De Fundatie: a museum of visual arts. Furthermore, De Leugenpompe is a sight in the center of Heino. According to the saga, this village pump only supplies water to people with pure conscience. Nowadays, this pump provides continuous water during the 'Pompdagen', the annual village festival of Heino.

Heino has 24 entries in the national register. These include the hall church and the tower of the Dutch Reformed Church and various parts of the castles Huis de Gunne and 't Rozendael. Heino also has 24 municipal monuments.

In the surrounding area are mostly meadows and some pieces of forest. There are also smaller waters in the area, such as the Raalterwetering and the Heinosche Flood graves.

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