Accommodations in Diffelen

Diffelen is a municipality belonging to the municipality of Hardenberg with about 150 inhabitants. This means that it is a small inhabited place with its own name, but it does not immediately have an official center like a church or market square. The village is surrounded by some meadows and is a short distance from the Mariënberg-Vechtkanaal, near the transition to Vechte. There are many woody pieces that provide opportunities for recreation. Both the polder, the forest, the canal and the sporadic waters in the woods offer great opportunities for cycling and hiking.

The neighborhood consists of a few houses and farms along a few streets located on the main road. The range of activities in Diffelen is therefore limited, but a restaurant can be found, as well as a asparagus farm that can be visited. By bike ride, the History Room in Hardenberg can be visited, the Beerze Bulten swimming pool in Beerze and the Vistrappen in Stegeren.

Today, the municipality of Hardenberg is busy with the development of Rheeze, Diffelen and the surroundings of these places. In general, more will be sought for a combination of different functions for the landscapes such as living, (widespread) agriculture and nature and recreation. The isolated heather mining landscapes and the essence and capitals landscapes will also be for economics (only small-scale activity).

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