Den Ham is a village in the municipality of Twenterand with about 6000 inhabitants. The village itself belongs to the Salland region, both in dialect and in history. The Ham is a widely used base for exploring the Eerder Achterbroek nature reserve. This area is known for its offer of original couliss landscapes of fields, meadows, woodwalls, forest and heath. In this area of ​​nature is also "Landgoed Eerde" with castle Eerde.

The center of the old esdorp is the brink, with the oldest building: the Gothic-style tower of the Dutch Reformed Church (originally medieval and catholic, built between 1325 and 1425). The hall church and church tower are two of the twelve national monuments in Den Ham, along with two houses, seven farms and a Jewish cemetery.

Every year, the first week of December in Den Ham takes place under the name Historisch Schouwspel. The history of village and region is depicted by more than 200 Hammenars in historically responsible costumes. In addition, the village contains many restaurants, and there are various things to do like visiting the monuments (and Castle Eerde), but there is also a swimming pool, two open farms and a caravan. There are also newer events like Trend Event, Brinksation and the Midzomer festival.

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Den Ham

Province of Overijssel, Den ham
  • Zandstuve forest
  • Bedrooms with sanitary
  • It is possible to bring a horse
  • Playground
  • Small park