Accommodations in De bult

De Bult is a hamlet located in the northern part of Overijssel. De Bult has a total of three entries in the national monument register. All these inscriptions concern the De Bult house and its park layout and garden wall from around 1800. The area is ideal for cycling and walking.

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Steenwijk, is 5 kilometres away. It is a nice town to visit for tourists staying in this area. The centre of Steenwijk has a beautiful appearance, partly due to the fortifications, the parks and the historic buildings. One of the tourist attractions of Steenwijk is the Grote Sint-Clemenskerk. The 15th century tower of this church has a height of 87 meters. Other places of interest include Villa Rams Woerthe, the first ‘museum house’ of the Hendrick de Keyser Association. This villa is a beautiful example of the ‘New Art’, the Dutch variant of Jugendstil or Art Nouveau. The Hildo Krop museum can also be found in Rams Woerthe. Hildo Krop (1884-1970) was the son of a confectioner in Steenwijk and City Sculptor for the city of Amsterdam. In the city’s expansion districts from between the two world wars, on bridges and in parks, one can find work by Hildo Krop. In addition to his sculptures, he also designed book bindings, furniture and rugs, made medals and woodcuts, was skilled in carving wood and ivory and was a gifted ceramist.

In the region you will find a wide variety of places, which are definitely worth a visit. Giethoorn, known for its many canals and bridges, is not called the Venice of the North for nothing. With its beautiful houses and many canals, it is not inferior to the bustling city in Italy. The village is popular among tourists from both abroad and the Netherlands. There is a lot to see in Giethoorn.

The municipality of Steenwijkerland has one of the most special landscapes in the Netherlands. An area of 330 km² with water, reed and forest landscapes interspersed with picturesque towns and villages. No less than 105 km² of this is Weerribben-Wieden National Park, the largest and most beautiful wetland in Northwest Europe. In Weerribben-Wieden you can go boating, cycling, walking, shopping and much more!

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