Accommodations in De bult

De Bult is a neighborhood in the municipality of Steenwijkerland, in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The neighborhood is located in the Kop van Overijssel north of Steenwijk and the A32 highway, along the provincial road N855 (locally known as the Eesveenseweg) towards Eesveen.

De Bult has a total of three entries in the national register. All these registrations concern the house De Bult and its park and garden wall from around 1800. De Bult also houses another municipal monument: a hunting lodge.

The habitation in De Bult is close to each other between forests and meadows. There are some other smaller places nearby like Baars, Eesveen and Eese. The area is ideal for cycling and hiking.

For most facilities, Steenwijk will have to be searched. Among other things, the fair and circus museum can be admired, as well as the antique smithy in Stadslogement Steenwijk. Other interesting sights include the Grote or Sint-Clemens church and tower, the Markt, the City Museum Steenwijk, the Swindermannegien, the Rams Woerthe and the city park, the city streets and city walls and a geological monument. From the city of Steenwijk you can travel by public transport to find out more. In general, Steenwijk has a regional function for a relatively large region (the Kop van Overijssel in Southwest Drenthe).

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