Accommodations in Dalfsen

Dalfsen is a village and municipality in the region of Salland (Vechtdal) with about 28000 inhabitants, of which approximately 7500 live in the heart of the village. The current municipality of Dalfsen originated in 2001 from the merger of the municipalities of Nieuwleusen and Dalfsen.

The name Dalfsen will be officially published in 1231, but is the only bigger place in the Overijsselse Vecht that has never got city rights. On the southern edge of Dalfsen, near the Overijsselse Vecht, is the Westermolen, a wooden mill from 1818. On the border with Nieuwleusen stands the Massier post mill, which was restored in 2008. By 2015, a 3,000 year old road and a grave field from the Stone Age were found (by accident) during a construction project. This is possibly the largest herding grave field in northern Europe. There have been at least 120 funnel jugs from the graves, and in the vicinity of them there was also a map of a farm and another large grave monument from the same period. In addition, there is an early medieval frost grave with jewelry including golden swords. The municipality of Dalfsen has 133 entries in the national register, of which 131 are in the village of Dalfsen itself.

Furthermore, Dalfsen offers two outdoor swimming pools and there are many other possibilities for outdoor sports. For example, canoes or barges can be hired, as well as bicycles. There can be walks in the area and also rested, played and fishing on the recreational beaches. Finally, Dalfsen offers plenty of catering facilities.

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6 people

Group accommodation Dalfsen

Province of Overijssel, Dalfsen
  • National monument with historical character
  • In the Vecht valley
  • Whirlpool in the garden
  • Rent a Electric Dutchman
  • Hiking and cycling routes