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Bruchterveld is a village with a rural location in the Overijsselse municipality of Hardenberg. It lies east of the Overijsel Canal Almelo-De Haandrik, approximately between the Hoogenweg and Kloosterhaar neighborhood. Bruchterveld is bordered to the east by a Bentheimer Wald outskirts, around the border with the German district Grafschaft Bentheim.

The Bruchterveld is a heathland mined in the early 20th century, some of which are still here and there. As a pristine piece of nature, there is the "New Cod" consisting of a ten hectare of food rich marshland. Due to the high water levels and the lack of trails it is virtually inaccessible.

Bruchterveld is surrounded by meadows and in the village itself only a few shops can be found. Well there is a church of the Protestant Gemeente Bruchterveld. A rest of the period peated here is the eastern part of Bruchterveld "Het Lijntje": a few pieces of dried highveld, covered with birch groves. Also here are paths missing. Unraveled highland along the Dwarsweg in Bruchterveld Zompig swamp, where cranial moss is growing as a pioneer of new peat formation. In the immediate vicinity, on the road between Sibculo and Kloosterhaar, the Engbertsdijksvenen, a protected peat area, lie. In this wetland (drasland in good Dutch), Staatsbosbeheer has plotted three marked hiking routes of every four kilometers. Between 1850 and 1950 there was an intense peat here. A reminding memory of that period - a train that had to bring the peat to feasible paths - was restored. Finally, but not least, a piece of private green at Hoopsteeweg nr. 44, located at the former Onderwieke in "Bruchterveld". Visit this unique location and get to know the area.

2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Bruchterveld

Province of Overijssel, Bruchterveld
  • Ideal family home
  • Large playing field
  • Peace and quiet
  • Germany is in our backyard
  • Bedrooms with private bathroom