Accommodations in Blokzijl

Blokzijl is a place in the municipality of Steenwijkerland, but until 1973 it was its own municipality. The place thanks its name to a fortified lock and has about 1300 inhabitants. Blokzijl has a private harbor for pleasure craft and larger cruise boats, besides the lock, regularly doing Blokzijl as a stopover. On the quay is an old cannon where tourists like to join the picture.

Already in the 15th century, Blokzijl was spoken, and the old seal in the village dates back to the 16th century and formed the mouth of Steenwijker Aa. During the eighties War, the place was strengthened by Diederick of Sonoy in 1581, to provide a support point for the state fleet and a base for the troops against the Spaniards on the eastern side of the Zuiderzee. The name Blokzijl, or reinforced lock, was then created.

Part of Blokzijl is a protected village view and next to the harbor and the water cannon is also the Reformed Church from 1609 an interesting attraction. The church is also one of the 58 registrations in the national register of monuments. Most registrations concern (work) houses, but also a cemetery and various parts of the port are listed.

Life in Blokzijl is now represented by music and gastronomy, and the season of this place between the Weerribben and Wieden opens and therefore closes with music. From classical concerts to the performance of Groot Blokzijl's pirate choir on a pontoon in the Havenkolk.

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