Zandvoort is a seaside resort and municipality in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland. The municipality has more than 16600 inhabitants and has an area of ​​33,82 km².

After the Second World War many homes were built and tourism increased sharply. In 1948 the Zandvoort circuit was constructed, Zandvoort is famous for the Formula 1 racecircuit: the Circuit Park Zandvoort. The station Zandvoort aan Zee is the final point of Amsterdam's railway line via Haarlem. The municipality also belongs to the village of Bentveld.

Zandvoort was known in 1100 and was called Sandevoerde; A composition of sand and fore. Until 1722, the area was in the hands of the gentlemen of Brederode. For centuries, the village of fishing lived, but in the 19th century there were other sources of existence. In the UK, sea baths occurred, and the Zandvoort doctor Dr. Mezger introduced this use in Zandvoort. In 1828 the first bathhouse was taken into use.

The site Zandvoort has a total of eleven registrations in the national register. These include the Groot Bentveld castle from the 17th or 18th centuries, the Dutch Reformed Church from 1848-1849 and Zandvoort Station. In addition, there are 122 municipal monuments and nine war memorials in the total municipality of Zandvoort.


Villa Zandvoort

North Holland, Zandvoort
  • Colorful
  • Within walking distance of beach
  • Opportunities for workshops