Accommodations in Middenbeemster

Middenbeemster is a village in the municipality of Beemster with approximately 4200 inhabitants. Middenbeemster is the oldest village in the Beemster. The construction of a rectangular square in 1610 and the construction of the church in 1623 at this square soon created a neighborhood that was larger than most of the Beemster neighborhoods that had developed since drying. The church, the first Protestant Beemsterse church, was designed by the city architect of Amsterdam, Hendrick de Keyser. The square was constructed in the middle of the Beemster, the place name is derived from this.

Middenbeemster grew through the square and the church to the center of the Beemster. A cattle market was soon kept on the square. At the edges one built a mansion, an orphanage and a school. In the vicinity came the corn mill De Nachtegaal. Middenbeemster has always been the core of the Beemster. Although there were numerous discussions and considerations about the extensions of the village, especially in the second half of the twentieth century, the typical rectangular design has never been released. All subsequent extensions respected this premise. Each additional neighborhood can be seen from what period it originates and which housing needs dominated, from terraced houses to detached houses with locks that run like graves between the houses.

Part of Middenbeemster is a protected village view. In addition, there are 66 state monuments in the village, including the Nachtegaal and various houses, farms, service houses and catering facilities.

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Middenbeemster

North Holland, Middenbeemster
  • Ready made beds
  • Opportunity to go sailing
  • Numerous walking and cycling routes
  • Close to the city and the beach