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Lutjebroek is a village in the municipality of Stede Broec, in the region of West Friesland, in the province of North Holland. Lutjebroek is a nationally known name as metaphor for a hamlet in the polder and as a general description of a small place without any importance. As a result, many people also think that the place does not really exist or is an old, lost place. Still, there are just over 2,000 people living in Lutjebroek.

Lutjebroek belonged to the independent municipality Grootebroek until 1 January 1979, after which that municipality was merged with Bovenkarspel to Stede Broec. The Horn neighborhood belongs to the village of Lutjebroek. Horn and Lutjebroek run over each other. The Horn used to be in a predominantly wet nature reserve. But after the merchandise settlement, it is mostly either new or agricultural land. In the polder between the main street of the Horn and Lutjebroek streets have also been built over time, but a number of vessels and locks have been preserved so that there is still a picturesque picture left here.

Lutjebroek has two churches and a number of cafés, of which the pub and restaurant De Paus is best known. The name already indicates that the region has traditionally been a great catholic enclave. In Lutjebroek there have also been nuns of the order of Augustinessen for some time; These lived in a residential block in the new building behind Saint Nicolas church, which of course was called the sister house. The current residents of the sister house come mainly from Poland, these poles in the region often find seasonal work or cleaning.

Due to the strong growth of surrounding villages and the village itself, in Lutjebroek there are still many shops on the main street like a warm baker and a butcher.

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Group accommodation Lutjebroek

North Holland, Lutjebroek
  • Directly by Polder water
  • Always BBQ weather thanks to the canopy
  • Nice atmosphere and camping feeling
  • Luxurious whirlpool
  • Free canoes and boats