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Zevenbergen is a city in the Netherlands and was an independent municipality until 1997, when it merged with four other municipalities to form the new municipality of Moerdijk. Zevenbergen is the capital with about 14000 inhabitants.

Zevenbergen is located in the northwest of the province of North Brabant between Etten-Leur and Klundert, near Breda. However, Zevenbergen was a Dutch city until 21 December 1805. On that date, a new division was made between Holland and Batavian Brabant. From then on, it ran from Willemstad through the Hollands Diep and the Biesbosch to Heusden.

The old core of Zevenbergen is grouped around the former harbour, which has been filled in. The streets Noordhaven and Zuidhaven indicate where the port has been. There are also many sights in the village such as the neo-Romanesque St. Bartholomew’s Church (from 1929), the Gothic Protestant Catharinakerk (from the 15th century, one of the sixteen national monuments in Zevenbergen), the Church of the Reformed Churches (from 1841) and the Stellingmolen Fleur (restored in 2000).

Zevenbergen is surrounded by sea clay polders, with the vast Moerdijk port and industrial area in the north, where there are still some interesting wastelands where numerous bird species breed. To the south of this industrial area, the former Keense Bunting, the terrain is intersected by infrastructure, but there are also wooded areas here and there. Waters are the Roode Vaart which is connected to the Mark, and the Zwanengat. There are also several walking routes that go along or through Zevenbergen.

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