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Wanroij (in Brabants Wangroj (with short o)) is a village in the North Brabant municipality of Sint Anthonis, located in the northeast of this province. The village has more than 3000 inhabitants.

The name Wanroij was first named in 1265. A certain Bertradis of Wanrode then signed with her son Johan, an ear tag. Wanroij belonged to the Land of Cuijk, and together with Mill and Sint Hubert it formed a ship bench. From the French time, Wanroij was an independent municipality. In 1942 this was expanded with, among other things, the church villages Rijkevoort and Landhorst, which last village became an official core only in 1945. In 1994 this area came to the fusion municipality of Sint Anthonis except Rijkevoort, which has passed to the municipality of Boxmeer.

In the past, agriculture was the most important source of livelihood. Then peat was stuck in the neighboring Peel. This led to disagreement with neighboring villages. Besides farmers there were weavers, tanners, brewers and spinners. There were also two mills. Rye and potatoes were the most cultivated crops, but livestock was the most important.

Most activity is still related to the agricultural sector. Already in 1907, the Stew-house "Sint-Cornelius" was established. Its production was transferred to Rijkevoort in 1949. A silo of a farmers' compound compound company (1978) at the Molenstraat replaced it and today dominates the village image. In 1981 there was a second compound feed plant and also a KI station.

Tourism also provides employment. In 1853 the first inn came.

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