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Vlierden is a village in the municipality of Deurne in the Dutch province of North Brabant. The former municipality of Vlierden (lifted in 1926) was bordered by the Oude Aa in the north and Astense Aa in the south.

Vlierden consists of a relatively recent village, surrounded by a large number of hamlets, mainly located on a deck of sand dunes along the Oude Aa. Already in a 12th century copy of a 721 record, we find Vlierden (among other names). We may find the oldest Elder of historical time near the old chapel of Vlierden, which stood on the Oude Torenweg until 1902. This place nowadays presents a 1926 thought chapel of the De Maurissens family. Near this old chapel is still a highly converted farm, in the place where the 'Kerkhofhoeve', formerly owned by the Abbey of Binderen, stood. It is possible that this farm is the farm mentioned in 721.

In 1681 Vlierden became an independent parish. Around the 17th century, the core of the village moved to the west, where a first town hall was built at the end of the 18th century. This was replaced in 1902 by the building that still stands. In 1845 the present church was built on the Pastoriestraat, in the place where the barn church was earlier

The village of Vlierden is bordered by the Astronomical Aa on the south side. On the north-western side is the Brouwhuissche Heide, now a wooded area, and on the southeastern side the Liesselse forests or the Galgenberg. On the other side of the Asterian Aa lies the Oostappen hamlet, the Oostappense Heide. In the Brouwhuisse heide lies the busy nature reserve De Bikkels, which consists of a heath field with dusty hills and juniper disasters.

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North Brabant, Vlierden
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