Venhorst is a village in the municipality of Boekel that counts 1,710 inhabitants (standing January 1, 2016).

The mining village was founded as Saint Joseph after the large-scale Peelontginningen started, after 1920. In 1934 the parish church was initiated: the Saint-Joseph Church still in existence.

In particular, the PTT urged the village's change of name to avoid confusion with other place names. From 1936 the village of Venhorst was called, to the many friends who lived in the area and the horizon on which the village lay.

Gradually the village grew. There was a modest middle class and a small business area in the still mainly agricultural village, where today the large-scale pig farm and the associated services are central. Venhorst is located near the busy Middle Peel Road.

Despite the limited size of the village there is a rich community life, consisting of a fanfare, a shooting association, a folk dance group, a vocal choir, various sports associations, and so forth.

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Venhorst

North Brabant, Venhorst
  • Lots of indoor and outdoor space
  • Indoor terrace so bbq all year round
  • Recreation room for young and old
  • Indoor area for several possibilities (volleybal-football)
  • Many playing possibilities