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Someren (in Brabants Zummere) is the main center and seat of the town hall in the municipality of Someren with about 11000 inhabitants.

The municipality of Someren owns 1,615 hectares of natural areas and plantations, including the Somersen Heath and Keelven. This was originally an area of ​​uniform dry coniferous forests, but since 2001 it has been transformed into a varied nature reserve, where the heath and the friends again come true. Here are also Scottish highlanders and other great grazers. There are several hiking routes. The Vloeten is also worth a visit: a wet nature area where hiking trails are also set. The Vlerken are a number of smaller, wet nature areas connected by a hiking trail. In addition, part of the Strabrechtse Heide, including the Beuven, in Someren.

Natuurtheater 'De Donck' is an open-air theater near a beautiful forest area. Here, the Somerian theater association plays 'De Speledonckers', while other theater associations also give presentations. The Kennedymars Someren is an annual event that is organized by JOEK (Jongeren Onder Elkaar). The first march took place in 1963 with 100 participants, while today some 3000 walkers crossed. The march is accompanied by festivals in Someren and the nuclei through which the march takes place.

Some interesting sights in Someren include the Victor De Windmill; A stone mill from 1853. The Den Evert windmill (a 1543 standard mill) and the Joseph Chapel are also worth the visit. In addition, there are two interesting churches in Someren: the Saint Lambert church is a brick church from the early 20th century and the Protestant church has been in service since 1885.

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North Brabant, Someren
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