Accommodations in Schaijk

Maak je keuze simpeler


The church was constantly expanding, especially in 1728 significant expansion took place. Finally, in 1827, a watercountry church was built, which served until 1902. The construction of the current, neogotic Antonius Abbey church began from 1894-1896. It was built in two phases and the second phase ran from 1901-1902, after which the church was ready and the watercountry church no longer existed.

The Saint Joseph Foundation was the JMJ’s Sister’s Monastery of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which served as such from 1890-1960, and was also designed by Petrus Stornebrink. The sisters gave education to girls and cared for elderly people. In 1970 the complex was demolished. Only in 1968 was mixed education (boys and girls together) in Schaijk again.

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