Schaijk is a village in the Dutch municipality Landerd with about 7000 inhabitants.

The remains of a grave hill in the Gaalse Heide show that the area of ​​Schaijk has already been inhabited before the Romans appeared here. Only about 1200 is permanent occupation. Excavations in the area between the municipalities Mun and Gael were carried out from the so-called abandoned of the Abbey of Berne. Thus, along the edge of the Irrigation Area of ​​the Meuse, an elongated neighborhood came about.

Already at an early stage, probably something before 1500, a low tower was built, which still forms the core of the current, neogotically clad tower. In 1531 there was even a bell tower. In 1607, a separate parish was formed which functioned independently of the Herpen mother church.

The church was constantly expanding, especially in 1728 significant expansion took place. Finally, in 1827, a watercountry church was built, which served until 1902. The construction of the current, neogotic Antonius Abbey church began from 1894-1896. It was built in two phases and the second phase ran from 1901-1902, after which the church was ready and the watercountry church no longer existed.

The Saint Joseph Foundation was the JMJ's Sister's Monastery of 's-Hertogenbosch, which served as such from 1890-1960, and was also designed by Petrus Stornebrink. The sisters gave education to girls and cared for elderly people. In 1970 the complex was demolished. Only in 1968 was mixed education (boys and girls together) in Schaijk again.

In 2002, the Tourist Platform was established in Landerd. The platform has so far (May 2006) implemented a walking hub system and is currently working on a tourist signpost. They are also working on their own promotional cascade Docus de Das.


Group accommodation Schaijk

North Brabant, Schaijk
  • Stair lift
  • At a resort
  • Options for full catering

Group accommodation Schaijk

North Brabant, Schaijk
  • Ground floor
  • Floor heating
  • Playground

Holidayhome Schaijk

North Brabant, Schaijk
  • Facilities (swimming pool-tennis courts)
  • Various groups are welcome here
  • Many playing possibilities