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Megen is a city in the municipality of Oss with about 1600 inhabitants and is often referred to as a village. Megen lies opposite Maasbommel and Appeltern, connected by ferry crossing the Meuse to which these three places lie. Much is a historical place that was de facto an independent county for a long time. From that time, it has retained two monasteries (one of the Franciscans and one of the claris), the Prison Tower and a medieval street pattern.

From 2000 BC. The area around the Meuse has been inhabited. The Celts (not Germans) settled on the sandpits and the banks of the banks, near the fertile river cliff. The Romans also spent a while in Megen and surrounding areas.

The castle originates in a 12th century fortified place. From 1145 the men took the title: "Count of Megen". The town originated east of the castle. In 1357, Megen received city rights and in 1386 the city was strengthened by Jan van Megen. There were stone walls and towers, and four city gates. The regular street pattern created during these times has been preserved.

The town still has the authentic street plan with a pebble pebble, with old houses. Megen therefore has a protected village view.

Many lies on the Meuse. The former location on a landtong surrounded by the Meuse is still visible in the winding values ​​that surround the place in the west (De Waarden) and in the east (Diedense Uiterdijk). On the Gelderse side there was a meander bend cut off in 1938 called the Megense Ham but which belongs to the Gelderse West Maas and Waal nowadays and a gulf area formed by sand eruption is De Golden Ham. Dominant in the landscape is the 135 meter high Transmission Station Megen built in 1980 south of the Derdeense Uiterdijk.

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Megen

North Brabant, Megen
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Whirlpool bath
  • Play attic