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Lierop is a village in the municipality of Someren with more than 2000 inhabitants. Until 1935, Lierop was an independent municipality and in 2001 there were plans to add the entire territory of Lierop to the north of the A67 at Helmond. The action group 'Hands of Lierop' and the fall of the Cabinet Purple II have prevented this.

At the place where Lierop is located there are many archaeological discoveries, mostly from the Neolithic tribes, from 10,000 to 1700 BC. Rests have also been found in the Iron Age. Perhaps Lierop originated in the early Middle Ages as part of a domain owned by the German Emperor, who divided it in the 10th or 11th century between the chapter of St. Servaas in Maastricht and the Saint Lambert chapter in Liège.

Some interesting sights in Lierop include the 1822 neo-Gothic dome church with a particularly handsome neo-gothic interior and some church chats from previous times. The Neighborhood Boomen is also worth visiting with several long-walled farms. Lierop counts three war memorials, reminding of the killed crew members of the Second World War. The Guild Chapel on the Herselseweg was built in 1955 and dedicated to Mary the Queen of Peace.
The sun temple Lux et Terra is an ode to the sun and earth (lux et terra, also a reference to its first and last name).
Grenspaal de Hoenderboom is a historic border pole located on the edge of Strabrechtse Heide. Here in the past five municipalities bound together: Someren, Maarheeze, Heeze, Mierlo and Lierop.

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Group accommodation Lierop

North Brabant, Lierop
  • On the forest's edge
  • Covered terrace
  • Along bicycle route
  • 1500 m2 of lawn