Accommodations in Langenboom

Langenboom is a church village in the municipality of Mill and Sint Hubert with approximately 2400 inhabitants. Langen belonged to the town of Escharen, but since 1942 the village falls under the municipality of Mill and Sint Hubert.

About 1970, on the present Schaapsdijkseweg, a religious community was founded, called The High Stone, which still exists.

To the south-east of Langenboom are peaks. The peas are a recreation area called "De Puilen". These peaks arise from the activities of a brick factory, while a sand and gravel quarry is also active. Here is the so-called green sands that are used in road construction and derived from the Mioceen and the Plioceen. Greenland contains the mineral glauconite. In this sand there are many fossils to be found, such as bird bugs, shark teeth, ephemera of dolphins and the like.

Directly northeast of Langenboom lies a 225 ha woodland area that was used as a military training site by the Ministry of Defense, but open to hikers. In the western direction is a mining area. Here are the Halse Beek and the Graspeeloop. These rivers eventually end up in the Graafse Raam. There is agriculture here and also a forest area that joins the Reekse Heide.

There are a total of five national monuments in Langenboom: the Parish of the Holy Family, a traditional-style long-walled farmhouse and Russendaal house with its historic garden and Mariakapel.

2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Langenboom

North Brabant, Langenboom
  • Spacious terrace
  • Various kinds of play equipment
  • Petting animals together