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Lage Mierde is a village in the Dutch municipality Reusel-De Mierden with about 2000 inhabitants. Until the municipal reorganization of 1997, Lage Mierde together with Hooge Mierde formed the municipality of Hooge and Lage Mierde.

The very first proof of habitation at the place of the current Low Mierde dates from before our era. Low Mierde and nearby Hooge Mierde have a more or less common history.

Low Mierde already had its own boardroom from the 18th century and therefore Lage Mierde has always been the administrative center of the former municipality of Hooge and Lage Mierde. This despite the fact that Hooge Mierde always knew an almost equal number of inhabitants. On the village square you will find two (former) townhouses.

An important historical fact for the village was the sale of land to the life insurance company De Utrecht in the year 1898. The area purchased north of the village bought by the life insurance company was planned and harvested, resulting in the Landgoed de Utrecht.

In 1903 the Sisters of Schijndel came to Low Mierde. They built a monastery, and practiced love, such as the elderly care. In the 70's of the 20th century they left. The monastery was replaced by Lindenhof care center, but the chapel was retained and is part of this center.

Low Mierde lies on a back between the Raamloop and Reusel rivers, which meet north of the village, on the estate Wellenseind, adjacent to the Landgoed de Utrecht. To the west of the village is the Wellenseind ​​Heath, in which some friends lie. The Mispeleindse Heide, a nature reserve north of Lage Mierde, is also part of Landgoed de Utrecht.

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