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Haren is a village in the municipality of Oss with about 1000 inhabitants. Until 1994, it belonged to the municipality of Megen, Haren and Macharen, which was established in 1810. The villages of the old municipality form a neighborhood in the municipality of Oss, and therefore also know one village council called Megen, Haren and Macharen Village Council.

The first mention of Haren is in the records of 1191 and 1196. Until 1794, Haren was part of the independent county of Megen, then from France, which sold it to the Batavian Republic in 1800. The consequence of all this was that Haren remained outside the Republic of the Netherlands, so that monasteries and catholic churches could continue to exist there. In 1501, the Prince Bishop of Liège granted permission to set up Haren the Penitents Monastery Bethlehem. In 1968 this weather was abandoned. Then it was converted to a convention center.

Haren has an ensemble of church buildings and monuments, all of which are classified as a national monument, including the Saint Lambert church. This three-legged neo-Gothic pseudo-tower with tower was built in 1867-1868. The predecessor of this church dates back to the 12th century. In the church there are some objects from the older church, such as a grave stone from 1706 and three 18th century saint statues. There is a corpus of about 1500. The clock in the tower dates back to 1664 and a stone cross from 1633 is found on the cemetery. For the church stands a 1929 Sacred Heart Picture.

North of Haren is an old Maasdijk, the Diedense Uiterdijk, which had no function since the Maas Improvement Works in the 1930s. To the north lies the Ossekamp nature development area. Along this dike there are a number of pee, remnants of past floods. In 2001 this dike was included in a 28 ha nature development project. Along the trail there is a hiking trail.

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North Brabant, Haren
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