Group accommodations in Alphen

Alphen is a village in the municipality of Alphen-Chaam and is located near the Flemish border. It lives mainly from agriculture and tourism and owns a modest business park. Alphen lies on a sandy ridge and prehistoric finds in the area indicate early habitation of this region: up to 2000 to 3000 BC.

An interesting landmark is Café ‘t Raedthuys, which dates back to 1645 and was originally a long-gabled farmhouse that served many functions (including residence). Later it became the storey house and functioned as a town hall, but since the construction of the new town hall, it was converted into a café in 1979 with remaining parts of the original interior. Other sites in Alphen include the St. Willibrordus Church (with late Gothic tower from 1500), a former monastery from 1864 that now houses a café-brasserie, a former emergency church (now community center), Barbara Chapel, bronze statue of a Belhamel, Pest Church Cemetery and a burial mound from 2500 BC. There is also an Oudheidkundig Streekmuseum, a weekly market, a natural swimming pool, a fishing pond and cultural center.

Furthermore, Alphen’s territory consists mainly of coniferous forest and heathland clearing, but toward the northwest are also the Chaam woods and some heathland remnants. More to the east are nature reserves Ooijevaarsnest and the Regte Heide, as well as the estate De Hoevens. Walking and cycling are thus possible in many areas.

In the vicinity of the municipality of Alphen-Chaam are also many famous amusement parks such as the Efteling, Safari and playland Beekse Bergen and Bobbejaanland.

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