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Erp is a place in the municipality of Veghel, located in the Dairy of 's-Hertogenbosch: an area in eastern northern Brabant. Erp is located on the river Aa and there are approximately 4700 people living in the core.

The center of Erp has always been the Saint Servatius church. This so-called Waterstaat church is built in neoclassic style. In 1896 the lightning struck the tower and the replacement tower was only completed in 1897. A new altar was also designed. At the church is a Sacred Heart Picture (1936) by Wim Harzing.

Other sights in Erp are the old town hall, the St Joseph's Steam Factory, the Mariakapel and the Watermolenstraat, still reminiscent of the double watermill on the Aa, which dates back to the Middle Ages, but was demolished in 1896.

From the Saint-Servatius church, it was always possible to see how the ribbon building evolved. Later, the agricultural space between these ribbons was filled with small-scale residential areas.

Nature areas around Erp are The Hurkske and the Goorse Forests, a 97 ha coniferous area, located on pollen dunes near the Leijgraaf valley. The actual valley forms a wet ecological connection zone. More natural areas are under construction to compensate for the construction of the A50 motorway. Another major project is the redevelopment of the Aa. For the brook valley, objectives are set for nature development, water management, recreation, landscape, agriculture and archeology. The effects between the A50 and Erp's bowl include the construction of fishing streaks, frogs, fishing and canoeing sites, cycle paths and a more natural meandering course of the brook with rolling and overgrown banks.

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North Brabant, Erp
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