Accommodations in Drunen

Drunen is a place in the municipality of Heusden with about 20000 inhabitants and is part of a region called the Langstraat and is traditionally known for its leather and footwear industry.

In Drunen every weekday there is a weekly market and two shoe factories are active. Drunen also knows 29 municipal monuments and 7 registrations in the national monument register, including the mill of Hertogin van Brabant (1838 round stone mill), The Voorste Venne (now Cultural Center), the railway bridge and the signaling house of the former Half Solstice line now in Used as a bicycle path, the town hall, the former Lipsfabriek (with carillon) and the Saint-Hubertus Chapel of 1994 (brick building with zadeldak and some stained-glass windows).

In the vicinity of Drunen there are several nature areas including the Baardwijkse Overlaat, a natural low between Waalwijk and Drunen. But an important and extensive nature reserve is the National Park De Loonse and Drunense Dunes, which lies on a deck sand back. In addition to many hiking and cycling trails, activities are also organized such as excursions, arrangements with nearby restaurants and sports activities.

Drunen is a wide range of shops and restaurants. Every year Drunen also organizes a Dickensfestijn, the Drunen Duinenloop, Taptoe Drunen and Old timer show.

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Drunen

North Brabant, Drunen
  • Garden room
  • Gas fireplace
  • Sports field
  • Private sanitary
  • Walking distance dunes