Accommodations in Dieden

Dieden is a village in the municipality of Oss with about 200 inhabitants. Until 1810, however, Dieden was an independent municipality. When the Kingdom of Holland was annexed in 1810, Dieden was merged with municipality Demen en Langel commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, forming the municipality of Dieden, Demen en Langel. Dieden was the principal town of this municipality. In 1923, this municipality was assimilated by municipality Ravenstein, which in turn was taken over by the municipality of Oss in 2003.

Traditionally, Dieden was an independent lordship part of the Land van Maas en Waal, which belonged to Gelre. Around 1875, the castle in Dieden was demolished. The remains of this castle are still visible in the landscape. For example, you can find the canal, the bridgehead, a barnyard, and a part of the coach house. The castle was located west of the village.

Dieden is located on the Meuse with nature development area Diedense Uiterdijk to west of the village. Furthermore, along the Maasdijk lie the wheels that are known as the Poelen van Dieden. The village has four municipal monuments and five entries in the national monuments record. One of the national monuments is the Stella Polaris: a round stone mill that was built in 1865. Two other entries are the Sint-Laurentius church, dating from the 12th and early 13th centuries. It has a tuff stone Romanian ship with one aisle from the 2nd half of the 12th century and has often been adapted over the years. In 1614, the reformed started using the church, prompting the Catholics to go to church in Demen. Even after the reformed left the church, this has remained the case. The church became deserted but was later hired from the former municipality of Ravenstein by a visual artist in 1986. Finally, it was bought by the Brabants Monumentenfonds in 2003.

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2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Ravestein

North Brabant, Dieden
  • Close to the Meuse
  • Modified bathroom
  • Close to entertainment parks
  • Various hiking routes