Accommodations in Beugen

Beugen is a village in the municipality of Boxmeer, which until 1942 was part of the municipality of Beugen and Rijkevoort. The village has about 1800 inhabitants divided between about 650 residential addresses.

Remains were found in Beugen from prehistoric and Roman times, but the written history did not materialize in 1294. In 1320 there was already a windmill and from 1340 the village had its own Schepenbank.

Around 1420, in Beugen, a simple three-legged parish church was built, restored in 1879 and obtained gemed vaults. In 1931-1932 the church was greatly enlarged by a passage behind the apse and the addition of a cross-border so that the church became a cross church. This was the Maria Ten Hemeloptage church which was inflated by the occupier in 1944 in which the ship and the tower were lost. From 1955-1957 a new tower was built that looked like its predecessor, but became more and the church was enlarged and the side beams were broadened. This renewed church was introduced in 1955. Beside this church, the Martinus windmill also worth a visit, a belt mill from 1868. This mill is registered as a national monument in Beugen along with 6 other buildings including a store and farms.

The village is close to the nature reserve De Vilt, an old Maasarm which flows through the Oeffeltse Raam. Furthermore, there are alternate agricultural and pasture areas in the area. Tours can be booked at a dairy farm at the village.

2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Beugen

North Brabant, Beugen
  • Walking in the Maasheggen area
  • starting from the accommodation
  • Lots of recreation space both inside and outside
  • Nice bar-warm colours-living room feeling
  • View of the garden