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Zuidoostbeemster is a village in the Dutch province of North Holland, near Purmerend with about 3000 inhabitants. Zuidoostbeemster is known for the Beemster Arboretum.

From 1850 onwards, Zuidoostbeemster slowly grew into a village. This after the concentration of country estates had disappeared, the corner in which the village is located was always called Zuidoostbeemster, which at that time also included the hamlet of Halfweg for the most part. Halfweg was the largest neighborhood in Zuidoostbeemster. Yet the village of Zuidoostbeemster did not grow from that place.

It grew from the corner of Purmerend. They were retired cattle farmers from the Purmer and Purmerend. They were also attached to the cattle market of Purmerend and therefore wanted to live as close to the city as possible. It was therefore soon seen as a suburb or polder district of the city of Purmerend. The first generation built a lot smaller domes than the well-known farmer’s domes.

Between 1918 and 1940, new market gardeners’ and rentier houses followed, as well as the new streets. In 1920, the municipality of Beemster bought land from the farmers to prevent the municipality of Purmerend from annexing the growing Zuidoostbeemster and building there on a large scale to expand the city. However, construction was carried out on the purchased land. The place continued to grow.

In 1958, the growth of the entire Beemster was slowly slowed down. Zuidoostbeemster was still growing rapidly in the 1960s. But the growth that the municipality of Beemster wanted did not materialize because the Provincial Planning Service (PPD) of the province of North Holland had to remain a green buffer in the increasingly urbanized environment. PPD mainly wanted to prevent the Beemster, with names Middenbeemster and Zuidoostbeemster, from becoming sleeping quarters for the inhabitants of Amsterdam. The PPD identified other places in the north of the province as better growth centres. Zuidoosterbeemster has continued to grow slightly.

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