Accommodations in Schoorl

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Schoorl is located directly on the dune area and is best known for the highest dunes and the climbing dune where the children – and many a tough father or mother – run from top to bottom with great pleasure. Schoorl is located in a varied environment. You can enjoy the sea, beach, dunes, forest and polder landscape, in addition to the pleasant village center with shops, terraces and restaurants.

Relaxing in nature
Schoorl offers long routes for walkers and cyclists to enjoy the beautiful nature for hours. Each season has its own atmosphere and the experience of this changes again and again. Relaxing is what you do in Schoorl. And if you want to look for a little more hustle and bustle, Bergen or Alkmaar is worth a visit.

The highest dune
Although there is always talk about the fact that Schoorl has the highest dune, it turns out that the Schoorl forester of the Forestry Commission recently measured with the most modern and ingenious measuring equipment that a dune top, just behind the climbing dune of Groet, reaches higher than the dune in Schoorl. With a height of 55.50 metres, Groet is the first to own the highest dune in the Netherlands. From the ‘highest dune’ in Schoorl on the Klimweg you still have a beautiful view from 53.60 meters towards the sea and polder.

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