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Akersloot has been part of the municipality of Castricum since 2002 and is located on the Alkmaardermeer with a wide range of water sports, such as canoeing, surfing and pedal boating.
Furthermore, Akersloot is mainly surrounded by polders and is ideal for cycling and walking, for example on the Ferry Route.

Annual activities include the Rock ‘n Roll Street festival, Solex races, Oldtimer show, funfair and many musical performances.
Renting a solex is possible all year round.

There are two special windmills to see in Akersloot: De Oude Knegt and the Noordermolen.
The Oude Knegt is a thatched flour mill that was rebuilt in 1981 from the original flour mill from the village that was largely demolished in 1925.
Due to an accident with fireworks on New Year’s Eve 2000-2001, the mill was completely rebuilt.
Since 2004 the mill has been in operation again and the mill can also be visited.
The Noordermolen is a polder mill that was probably built in 1589 to drain the Groot-Limmerpolder, after the Spaniards had destroyed the predecessor of the mill in 1573, during the siege of Alkmaar in the Eighty Years’ War.
The mill was converted in the 19th century from an inner porter to an upper porter and is owned by the Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Board, but is not open to the public.
In addition, there is also a pumping station in operation that is open to the public two days a month and houses an exhibition three times a year, there is also a Museum pumping station.

In addition to activities in Akersloot itself, Castricum also offers many opportunities for recreation.

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