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Overloon is a village on the edge of the Peel in the municipality of Boxmeer with about 3600 inhabitants. Overloon, together with Maashees, became part of the municipality of Maashees and Overloon since the Kingdom of the Netherlands and since 1942 of the municipality of Vierlingsbeek. In 1998, this occurred in the municipality of Boxmeer.

The village of Overloon was long isolated from the inhabited world in the midst of heathlands, far from Venray, Vierlingsbeek, Sambeek, Oploo and Sint Anthonis. Only through very primitive connections were contacted. About 1900 there were about 600 people, spread over 110 houses.

There are several sights worth visiting in Overloon. Among other things, the War Museum Overloon can be visited (opened in 1946), as well as Zoo Parc Overloon. The path between the two settings shows seven images that were manufactured in 2005 by Marjolijn Mandersloot. They represent animals that are combined with warfare.

The Church of Saint Theobaldus and Antonius of Padua is a modern church, designed by Jan Strik, with brick reliefs on the outer walls. In the parish, a worship of Saint Donatus took place from 1884 until about 1970. There was a Saint Donate brotherhood, but when the devotion image was destroyed in 1944, this worship became ever less. From 1970 there were no more misses and in 1975 the brotherhood was lifted. In the back of the church there is a statue of Saint Donatus.

The Schaartven is not a friend but a 7 ha sandblasting plot, originated in the 70's of the 20th century. The entire area of ​​23 ha was then planted and decorated by the former municipality of Vierlingsbeek. In 1995 the site was privatized. There is a beach, a swimming pond and a fish pond.

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