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Ysselsteyn is a village in the Dutch province of Limburg. The village was named after its designer, Hendrik Albert van IJsselsteyn, Minister of Agriculture (1918-1922). It is one of the larger church villages of Venray and is located in the heart of the Peel on the border with Limburg and Brabant. The village was founded in 1921.

Ysselsteyn has about 30 associations. Many neighborhood associations originated from carnival activities. S.V. Ysselsteyn (football/korfball) and T.V. Ysselsteyn (tennis) are the largest sports clubs and play an important role in the Ysselsteyn community.

Near the village of Ysselsteyn there is a 30-hectare military cemetery for more than 30000 German soldiers who died during the Second World War. Some of them had previously been buried elsewhere, but were later reburied in Ysselsteyn, so that there is now the only German military cemetery in the Netherlands. In addition, there are 85 graves of German soldiers from the First World War. These soldiers died in Belgium or France (the Netherlands was neutral during the First World War) after which they ended up in the Netherlands via the Meuse.

The town of Ysselsteyn has a total of thirteen entries in the national monument register. This includes many casemates (K30 to K39, all from 1939-1940), an archaeological monument (a site with a flint site from the Mesolithic) and a rampart from 1939.

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