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Weert is a city in the Dutch province of Limburg. The municipality of Weert borders North Brabant and Belgium, which is why the city is also called ‘the gateway of Limburg’. Weert was granted city rights in 1414 and today has almost 50000 inhabitants.

Due to thorough remediation in the decades after the Second World War, the old city centre has undergone a thorough metamorphosis. That does not alter the fact that there are still a few things to see in Weert, including the St. Martin’s Church (which appears in the top 100 most important monuments in the Netherlands), the convent of the Birgittinessen Sisters in the Maasstraat, the Paterskerk and the Gemeentemuseum de Tiendschuur. There are also several windmills in the vicinity of the city, including the Sint Anna in Weert itself.

As it confirms a city of such size and as a welfare city of a catchment area in which almost 100,000 people live, Weert is also often seen as an entertainment center. Although Weert doesn’t have mega-discos, many young people come to Weert every weekend to go out. Almost all nightlife for young people is situated around one square. All the main discos and cafes are located around the Oelemarkt square. But outdoor activities are also held for young people on the square itself in the summer months. There is a guarded bicycle shed within walking distance and there is also police surveillance around the square on weekends. But apart from discos and cafes, there are also many restaurants located in Weert. There is a wide range of restaurants, from simple but cozy to top restaurants. There are also a few ice cream parlors and other shops in Weert where delicacies are sold. It is also possible to go to the cinema or theatre in Weert.

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