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Schimmert (in Limburgs Sjömmert) is one of the highest (church) villages of the Netherlands with about 3300 inhabitants. It is on a plateau on the edge of the Heuvelland (South Limburg) and is characterized by a rich community life. At Schimmert three hamlets are counted: Oensel, Groot Haasdal and Klein Haasdal.

Schimmert is part of the municipality of Nuth, located in the province of Limburg. The main road is the Main Street, to which the church is located. Regarding the area, Schimmert is the largest village in the municipality.

The name Schimmert would come from Charles the Great, according to an ancient legend, which would have been lost during a trek. Suddenly he saw a light shining (Schinnen) and a light skimmer (Schimmert). As a reminder of returning from his planned route, Charles the Great left the chapel where he witnessed both of the lusts of light.

Some of Schimmert's sights include numerous chapels such as the Saint Rochus Chapel, the Saint Hubert's Chapel and three Mary's Chapels. Furthermore, the Water Tower, St. Remigius Church, Ravensbos and the Sacred Heart Picture are worth visiting. There is also a memorial monument to the demolished monasteries of the Patrons Montfortanen and the Daughters of Wisdom at the split on the Bies / Rozemarijnstraat.

De Steeg Business Park is a small, local business area. There are 16 business houses and 46 companies located on the site. At the beginning of 2012, the business area was restructured, the sewage system was renewed and the water supply and parking were improved.

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