Roggel is a church village in central Limburg in the Netherlands with about 4200 inhabitants. It has belonged to the municipality of Leudal since 2007. For this reason, it was part of the municipality of Roggel and Neer after the municipal reorganization of 1991. Before that, it was an independent municipality.

Like most Limburg villages, Roggel has a majority of Catholics. The Roman Catholic Church of St. Peter is the only church in the village. During the Second World War, the Germans blow up the church's towers. In early 2012, the church has been closed for a period of restoration to restore the authentic murals.
The Roggelse parish has been with the parishes of Heibloem and Neer since 1 September 2010 under the leadership of the same pastor. Annually, a prize is held by the pastor on Ascension Day. The local pastor also blesses cows and graduates.

The Saint Peter church is registered with the Saint Peter mill (from 1901) as the two Roman monuments of Roggel. The Saint Peter mill is a round stone mill, with the function of processing corn. The equipment consists of two wind-driven torque mills. The Saint Peter church was originally built in 1447, for which an older church (12th century) was broken down. It has a baroque high altar from the 18th century. In addition, Roggel has another six municipal monuments.

In Roggel there is a lively youth work. For example, the Youth Workgroup Roggel, shortly referred to as JWG Roggel, organizes the Christmas Day (on Christmas Day) each year. In addition, a monthly youth disco in the SJOR building is organized by the Energy Committee. In addition, every summer holiday is held by KVW Roggel the so-called KVW week.

Four times a year there is a market in the center of Roggel. Of these, the summer Tyrol market, which is held at the same time as the (free) Tispelpop, is probably the most crowded. Hamerslagdag is a smithing in Burgundian atmosphere on the site of wind and motorcraft Saint Peter.

Limburg, Roggel
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Limburg, Roggel
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Limburg, Roggel
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