Accommodations in Ransdaal

Ransdaal (Limburgs: Ranzel) is a church village, located in the Ransdalerveld in the municipality of Voerendaal, Limburg (The Netherlands). Ransdaal has about 1000 inhabitants. At Ransdaal there are also the neighborhoods Lubosch with about 20 inhabitants and Termoors with about 30 inhabitants.

Ransdaal originated in the Middle Ages. In 1913-1914, the railway line Heerlen - Schin op Geul was located directly north of Ransdaal and Ransdaal received a station.

Ransdaal belonged to the former municipality of Schin op Geul until 1940, partly in the former municipality of Klimmen and Wijlre and then partly at Valkenburg-Houthem until the municipal re-distribution on January 1, 1982, when the village was added to the municipality of Voerendaal.

Ransdaal is located on the central plateau at an altitude of about 120 meters. The surroundings are softly rolling and on the lakeside one finds mostly agriculture, and some modest pieces of forest, including the Krekelbos.

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