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Oostrum (in Limburgs: Aostrem or Aostrum) is the largest church town of Venray municipality. The village is seen as a growth core. It has a history that can be returned to at least 1200 when the name Oostrum was already in historical history. There are about 2300 people living in Oostrum.

Around 1400 a monumental church was built, replacing a 13th century predecessor. This church started a tower, but it was only completed in 1888. In the 1930's, a large three-legged church was built against the old ship, causing a change in space in a kind of hallway. In 1944 the church was inflated. In 1952-1953 the war injury was restored. The tower was placed under one roof. A roof rafter was also placed on the roof. The church owns Our Lady of the Crank, a 15th century miracle and pilgrimage.

The cemetery of Oostrum, Trans Cedron, is decorated with a crossroad park consisting of 11 sculpted statues in 11 chapels and 3 statues in a crotch cave. In addition to some church parts, the mills of Oostrumse Watermolen and Rosmolen are also listed as one of the eight national monuments in Oostrum.

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