Neer is a church village in the municipality of Leudal that won the title for The nicest village of Limburg in 2011. The village is located on the Meuse between Roermond and Venlo and has about 3500 inhabitants. Neer's main industry is the beer brewery, the 'Lindeboom', which is built within the village.

In Neer is a water mill called the Friedesse Mill. This mill was built in 1717 and was renovated in the year 2002. It is assumed that there was already a mill in 1343. The mill is of the type of grinding mill and is intended as a grain mill. The mill is located on the Neerbeek, a brook that flows through Neer in the middle. The special thing about the mill is that after the years of dry leakage, stagnation and decay, it has become again measurable.

Keizerbosch was a former nuns convent in Nagele that was evacuated during French times. The monastery was broken down, after which only the house of the prostitute remained, which later became a farm and then a farm.

The Saint Martin church was built in 1909 and was designed in neo-Gothic style by architect Caspar Franssen. The 15th century tower of the predecessor remained, but was increased in the construction of the present church. In this church there is a marianum of about 1500. Neer has four chapels, of which the Mariakapel (white chapel) on the Leudalweg is the largest. The other 3 chapels are the Holy Antonius of Padua on the "island", St. Isidorus on Gendijk, St. Mary Magdalene at Brumholt.


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Limburg, Neer
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Limburg, Neer
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