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Mechelen - in Limburg Mechele - is a village in the municipality of Gulpen-Wittem with about 2000 inhabitants including outside area. The village usually includes the towns of Bissen, Bommerig, Broek, Dal, Elzet, Helle, Hilleshagen, Höfke, Hurpesch, Kleeberg, Kosberg, Overgeul and Schweiberg.

Mechelen originated as a settlement around a county of the graves of Limburg, at the place where the Mechelderbeek flows into the Geul. Until 1998, Mechelen was the headquarters of the former municipality of Wittem.

Mechelen lies in the valley of Geul, east of the place where the Lombergbeek (or Mechelderbeek) flows into the Geul. The village flows partly along the main street de Lombergbeek. To the west of Mechelen, the Plateau of Crapoel rises with the forests of Schweibergerbos, Dunnenbos and Wagelerbos. In the southeast there are the Vijlener forests on the Plateau of Vijlen.

Some distinctive buildings include The Heerenhof: a stately timbered house, dating back to the twelfth century. It was the possession of the graves of Limburg. The current building dates back to 1825. The Heerenhof is now used as a care center. A forced brewery was also established in the Panhuis. This is a place where the government required that the beer be brewed. In Mechelen and nearby neighborhoods there are many half-timbered houses. In one of these neighborhoods is the national monument Emmaus. The St. John the Doperkerk from 1810-1811 is also recommended, this is on a church hill as a substitute of an older church.

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