Accommodations in Maastricht

  1. Holiday homes with the dog
  2. Large holiday homes
  3. Twelve-person and twenty-person group accommodations

While staying at your group accommodation in Maastricht, you'll have every opportunity to discover the beautiful province of Limburg. Its capital of Maastricht is located at the southernmost tip of The Netherlands, on either side of the river Maas. During your stay at a large holiday home in Maastricht, you can both visit the old city center with its many attractions, as well as explore the beautiful nature areas around the city. The surrounding hilly landscape, the architecture found nowhere else in The Netherlands, the language and the delicious food will make you feel like you're abroad. Isn't it wonderful?

The holiday homes in Maastricht are found at beautiful locations. The surrounding area is a good reason to book an accommodation in Maastricht as well. The bus will take you to the city or any of the nearby villages in South Limburg in no time at all. However, you could also visit Germany or Belgium for the day. In short: a group accommodation in Maastricht offers lots of options.

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