Accommodations in Maasbree

Maasbree - in local regional language Bree - is a place and former municipality with about 5000 inhabitants in the core and another 1500 in the outlying area. Maasbree is part of the municipality of Peel and Maas, and to Maasbree are also counted 't Rooth, Dubbroek and Tongerlo.

In the Middle Ages, Maasbree belonged to the county of Kessel, which again was part of the Overijssel of Gelre or Spanish Upper Gelre. As in Baarlo, agriculture and animal husbandry were the main means of existence. During the Spanish Succession War around 1702, the area was occupied by Prussian troops, and so remained as German for a century in Prussian Upper Gelre.

Earlier, Maasbree was a glory and knew a castle called Huis Bree, which has disappeared. This House has most likely been in the hands of the Van Brede family. The earliest written mention of Huis Bree dates from 1431. At the place of Huis Bree is now the farm 'De Plaats', which was built in 1695. In the public domain, this meant the area behind the castle. During that time the estate was over 67 hectares. There are still 3.5 at the farm, the Place.

Since 1961, traditional local Osse festivals have taken place, at that time known as 'Brewhegan party'. The five-day and annual event takes place in the center of Maasbree in early August and is organized by the local Fanfare.

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