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Kessel is a place and former municipality in Limburg (Netherlands), and is part of the municipality of Peel en Maas with approximately 3500 inhabitants. Kessel borders the Helden Forests, an extensive forest area with polls and received 1312 city rights.

Kessel is an old Maasdorp, which originated around a 10th century Watchtower. The oldest writings about Kessel may originate from the end of the eleventh century. The graves of Kessel, residing in the former castle Keverberg (now a ruin), are also the founders of the German city of Grevenbroich near Düsseldorf (around 1300).

Kessel was one of the smallest municipalities in the province of Limburg. The only official cores in the municipality were Kessel and the traditionally associated Kessel-Eik. The hamlets Het Broek, Hout, Donk and Oijen belonged to the municipality of Kessel. Kessel has a ferry crossing the Meuse that runs between Kessel and Beesel / Reuver.

During fighting at the end of World War II, the castle, church and mills were severely damaged. Only the ring castle remains from the castle. The church was rebuilt with some changes after the war. From the mills the mill on the Molenstraat went up in flames and was no longer rebuilt. The Saint Anthonius mill was restored immediately after the war.

Interesting sights in Kessel include Kesselkruis Castle, Keverberg Castle, Our Lady-Birth Church and Saint Anthonius Mill. All listed buildings are and / or have parts that are registered as one of the twelve state monuments that Kessel counts.

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Villa Kessel

Limburg, Kessel
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