Group accommodations in Swolgen

Swolgen (pronounced locally as Zwollege) is a parish in the municipality of Horst aan de Maas and is located in northern Limburg. The village has over 1,100 inhabitants and belonged to the former municipality of Meerlo-Wanssum until 2010 and to the former municipality of Meerlo until 1969.

Swolgen is surrounded by nature to heathland, forests, fens (Tienraijse and Swolgenderheide and nature reserve the Schuitwater), as well as as asparagus fields and mushroom farms. The old presbytery and the farmstead de Gun have become overnight accommodations. The Pieterpad route runs along here.

The Kasteeltje or farmstead de Gun, is first mentioned in 1321 in a feudal deed when Seger van Broeckhuysen dedicated his own (allodial) property to the lord of Heinsberg. It is a still existing manor house. St. Lambert Church dates (as foundations showed) from the early 13th century. In the 16th century it became a late Gothic hall church. In 1877 and 1884 the church was restored, but in 1944 it was mostly destroyed. Only the 15th-century choir could be preserved and is part of the current modern church, built in 1952, as an apse. In June 2007, burglars stole many of the saints’ statues, and other items from the church..

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