Geijsteren - in Limburg's official Geistere - is a village center of the municipality of Venray, located along the Meuse. Until 1969 it was part of the former municipality of Wanssum, then from the former municipality of Meerlo-Wanssum. Since 2010, the village has about 450 inhabitants in the municipality of Venray. There are many forests with also a restaurant (Hoeve De Boogaard). In the center is a dining area called The Trefpunt.

In 1949 the church was built for the first time in the village center, and not near the castle. The single-legged zadeldakkerkerk (St. Willibrordus) was never delivered with the planned tower. In total, Geijsteren knows six entries in the national register, including Willibrordus Chapel, St. Anna's Chapel, Ruyster Geysteren and farmhouses.

The ruin of the castle Geijsteren destroyed in 1944 (dating from the early 1200's) is restored, but to preserve and not to live. The ruin is (yet) unavailable. The oldest Willibrord church of Geijsteren would have been built at the village in the 10th century. His successor was raised in 1525. In 1864-1866 this building was replaced by a new church; Only the medieval tower remained. However, this 19th century church was destroyed in 1944. In 1944, the Willibrordus bell of 1416 dated (and in 1691) was lost. A large part of the interior was also lost, with the exception of Willibrordus images and Willibrord's paintings to an engraving by Abraham Bloemaert, who moved to the new church. The Willibrordus Chapel is a pilgrimage town and dates back to the 16th century. However, the location had long been a pilgrimage place for the construction of this chapel. Also along the Oostrumse Beek is the farm Rosmolen with a water bar.


Group accommodation Geijsteren

Limburg, Geijsteren
  • Animal meadow
  • Close to the forest
  • Many play facilities

Group accommodation Geijsteren

Limburg, Geijsteren
  • Wooded surroundings
  • Tap setup for rent
  • Gaming console for the children

Holiday Farmhouse Geijsteren

Limburg, Geijsteren
  • In the middle of Geijsteren estate
  • Large playing meadow in back garden
  • Large playing barn for young and old