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Ell is a church village in the municipality of Leudal with about 1500 inhabitants. Ell was once a real farming village. In the past there was also a large estate inhabited by Belgians. The first church was built in 1823, before it had a medieval chapel. The present church, the first-ever crossing, was built in 1912 by the Tegelian architect Caspar Franssen. The church has a Sacred Heart Picture.

There are many friends and ponds, while the forests have almost disappeared. Sint-Petrus van Weert fishing club has a large pond in operation surrounded by woods and scrub. There is a music corps and a shooter corps. The history of Ell is described by Mr. J.M. Brunenberg, principal of St. Mathiasparochie Weert - Leuken.

Ell has five entries in the National Register of Rights. These include two farms (the Niehof and a farm of the type), a house, the former town hall with mayor's house and the 15th century H. Antonius Abt. There are also five municipal monuments in Ell: the Hokeberg Cross, the former milk mill, the Geurt Luytenkruis, the H. Hartbeeld at the church and a house.

Lemmenhof estate in Ell offers various workshops such as cooking workshops, gardening and laying (rococo) mosaics (provided by Indra mosaic).

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Ell

Limburg, Ell
  • Hiking and cycling routes
  • XL chess board outdoors
  • Attend workshops
  • Beautiful garden