Accommodations in Baexem

Baexem is a church village in central Limburg in the municipality of leudal, the village has about 2700 inhabitants. Around Baexem there are various nature areas, including the Leudal and the Maasplassen. The village thus provides a good starting point for cycling and walks.

One of the biggest attractions is Castle Baexem, which was owned by the former De Baexem family, named after their home, with the first mention of the name in the year 1244. After several changes of owners over the centuries, the castle house Nowadays in private ownership. The castle itself is no longer visible, but the associated flower and herb garden (with 6000 different plants and with various art objects) is accessible to the public. In addition, there is a restaurant in the castle and events can be booked. There are indications for an older castle between the current Castle of Baexem and Extermination, but the only indication for this is an old drawing on which a final grave is indicated. This can also be seen on aerial photographs like a tree-filled square, but there are no indications of how this castle would ever have looked. Several parts of Castle Baexem are registered as a national monument, together with the Aurora mill, Huize Brias, Motte Baexem and former Exodus monastery. These are certainly worth visiting together with Exaten Castle and Estate, Beijlshof Estate, Culinary Estate Heijerhof and The Oude Smidse.

2 nights
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Group accommodation Baexem

Limburg, Baexem
  • Rurally located
  • Play meadow
  • Covered terrace