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Afferden (North Limburgs: Offere) is a place in the northern part of Dutch Limburg and belongs to the municipality of Bergen. This church village is on the Meuse, heavenly 26 kilometers south of Nijmegen and 12 kilometers north of Venray. Afferden had 2,121 inhabitants in 2016.

The village of Afferden, located on the right bank of the river, has been part of the Limburg municipality of Bergen since 1823. The village is located halfway between Nijmegen and Venlo. It used to belong to the upper quarter of Gelderland and was bordered in the north by the Kleefse Heerlijk heid Heijen, in the south by the Gelderse Heerlijkheid Well, in the east by the Goch office, to which Siebengewald belonged. The right border was established in 1436 by the court and the oldest men (schepenen). This "Beleideringe" boundary laid down in an old book became the basis of later border arrangements.

By further border arrangements between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Prussia, by the latter power, Siebengewald (part of the Burgemeisterei Weeze) was handed over to the Netherlands by Decree of 12 December 1817. This increase of territory would also change in ecclesiastical matters, because in the year 1822, when the diocese of Aachen was lifted, the parish afferden with the enlarged part of Siebengewald under the apostolic vicarage of Gaven, but Heukelom became over the centuries with Afferden, assigned to the parish of Bergen.

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