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Halle is a village in the municipality of Bronckhorst in the Gelderse Achterhoek. The village with an outdoor area has 2190 inhabitants, of which there are about 705 inhabitants in the village center. In the vicinity of the village there are many pieces of agricultural land, but also small forests can be found in the surrounding area. Through the village runs the river Veengoot.

The neighborhoods Halle-Nijman and Halle-Heide can be considered as the boundary of the Haller territory. Halle is located on the Halserug, a 16 km long south-east-northwest expanse of debris. Around this back is a historic road, the Romanian dike. This is of cultural and historical importance. Various hiking and cycling routes have been erected throughout the country area.

Annual events in the village include the flea market (organized by the local football club), the School and Folk Festival, the Halse Dag and the Knalball (annual celebration tent before and on New Year's Day).

The city of Halle has eight municipal monuments. This includes the Dutch Reformed Church (the Great Church) from 1858, which was rebuilt in 1952. The tower was renewed in 1976. The church of De Korenaar from 1937 (which still serves as a village house) is a municipal monument. Other municipal monuments in Halle are two farms, a former coach house, a house, a parsonage and a cattle house.

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