Alphen is a small village with 1675 inhabitants in the southwest of the municipality of West Maas and Waal in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Traditionally, the village was an independent administrative unit, which was temporarily transformed into an independent municipality in French times. But on January 1, 1818, the municipality of Alphen was lifted and the village was added to the municipality of Appeltern. Near Alphen was, and still is, a lot of agriculture and fruit cultivation.

A famous attraction is the very old church: H. Lambertus church. Part of the church - along with the foundations - are among the oldest churches in the Netherlands and are in the national monuments register. Other public monuments in Alphen are the Dijkmagazijn, a plastered dike farm and a reformed church. But just outside the village is also the standard mill (industrial and polder mill) Till Voordeel en Genoegen, also listed in the national register. In addition, Alphen also knows municipal monuments like different farms, a mansion with medium-part shed, a corner-dwelling longhouse, a steam mall and another dike magazine.

From Alphen there is a ferry service to the Brabant Lith, but also to Brabant Ooijen. In addition, the municipality of West Maas and Waal offers many possible excursions in the area.

Gelderland, Alphen
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